FCM2000W Computer type Metallographic Microscope


FCM2000W Introduction

FCM2000W computer type metallographic microscope is a trinocular inverted metallographic microscope, which is used to identify and analyze the combined structure of various metals and alloy materials. It is widely used in factories or laboratories for casting quality identification, raw material inspection or after material processing. Metallographic structure analysis, and research work on some surface phenomena such as surface spraying; metallographic analysis of steel, non-ferrous metal materials, castings, coatings, petrographic analysis of geology, and microscopic analysis of compounds, ceramics, etc. in the industrial field effective means of research.

Focusing mechanism

The bottom hand position coarse and fine-tuning coaxial focusing mechanism is adopted, which can be adjusted on the left and right sides, the fine-tuning precision is high, the manual adjustment is simple and convenient, and the user can easily obtain a clear and comfortable image. The coarse adjustment stroke is 38mm, and the fine adjustment accuracy is 0.002.


Mechanical mobile platform

It adopts a large-scale platform of 180×155mm and is set in the right-hand position, which is in line with the operation habits of ordinary people. During the user's operation, it is convenient to switch between the focusing mechanism and the platform movement, providing users with a more efficient working environment.


Lighting system

Epi-type Kola illumination system with variable aperture diaphragm and center adjustable field diaphragm, adopts adaptive wide voltage 100V-240V, 5W high brightness, long life LED illumination.


FCM2000W Configuration table






Optical system

Finite aberration optical system


observation tube

45° tilt, trinocular observation tube, interpupillary distance adjustment range: 54-75mm, beam splitting ratio:80:20



High eye point large field plan eyepiece PL10X/18mm


High eye point large field plan eyepiece PL10X/18mm, with micrometer


High eye point large field eyepiece WF15X/13mm, with micrometer


High eye point large field eyepiece WF20X/10mm, with micrometer


Objectives (Long Throw Plan Achromatic Objectives)


LMPL5X /0.125  WD15.5mm


LMPL10X/0.25   WD8.7mm


LMPL20X/0.40   WD8.8mm


LMPL50X/0.60   WD5.1mm


LMPL100X/0.80  WD2.00mm



Internal positioning four-hole converter


Internal positioning five-hole converter


Focusing mechanism

Coaxial focusing mechanism for coarse and fine adjustment in low hand position, the stroke per revolution of coarse motion is 38 mm; the fine adjustment accuracy is 0.02 mm



Three-layer mechanical mobile platform, area 180mmX155mm, right-hand low-hand control, stroke: 75mm×40mm


work table

Metal stage plate (center hole Φ12mm)


Epi-illumination system

Epi-type Kola lighting system, with variable aperture diaphragm and center adjustable field diaphragm, adaptive wide voltage 100V-240V, single 5W warm color LED light, light intensity continuously adjustable


Epi-type Kola illumination system, with variable aperture diaphragm and center adjustable field diaphragm, adaptive wide voltage 100V-240V, 6V30W halogen lamp, light intensity continuously adjustable


Polarizing accessories

Polarizer board, fixed analyzer board, 360°rotating analyzer board


color filter

Yellow, green, blue, frosted filters


Metallographic Analysis System

JX2016 metallographic analysis software, 3 million camera device, 0.5X adapter lens interface, micrometer



HP business jet


Note:“· ”standard;“ O”optional

JX2016 Software

The "professional quantitative metallographic image analysis computer operating system" configured by the metallographic image analysis system processes and real-time comparison, detection, rating, analysis, statistics and output graphic reports of the collected sample maps. The software integrates today's advanced image analysis technology, which is the perfect combination of metallographic microscope and intelligent analysis technology. DL/DJ/ASTM, etc.). The system has all Chinese interfaces, which are concise, clear and easy to operate. After simple training or referring to the instruction manual, you can operate it freely. And it provides a quick method for learning metallographic common sense and popularizing operations.


JX2016 Software Functions

Image editing software: more than ten functions such as image acquisition and image storage;

Image software: more than ten functions such as image enhancement, image overlay, etc.;

Image measurement software: dozens of measurement functions such as perimeter, area, and percentage content;

Output mode: data table output, histogram output, image print output.

Dedicated metallographic software packages:

Grain size measurement and rating (grain boundary extraction, grain boundary reconstruction, single phase, dual phase, grain size measurement, rating);

Measurement and rating of non-metallic inclusions (including sulfides, oxides, silicates, etc.);

Pearlite and ferrite content measurement and rating; ductile iron graphite nodularity measurement and rating;

Decarburization layer, carburized layer measurement, surface coating thickness measurement;

Weld depth measurement;

Phase-area measurement of ferritic and austenitic stainless steels;

Analysis of primary silicon and eutectic silicon of high silicon aluminum alloy;

Titanium alloy material analysis...etc;

Contains metallographic atlases of nearly 600 commonly used metal materials for comparison, meeting the requirements of most units for metallographic analysis and inspection;

In view of the continuous increase of new materials and imported grade materials, materials and evaluation standards that have not been entered in the software can be customized and entered.

JX2016 software applicable Windows version

Win 7 Professional, Ultimate Win 10 Professional, Ultimate

JX2016 Software operating step


1. Module selection; 2. Hardware parameter selection; 3. Image acquisition; 4. Field of view selection; 5. Evaluation level; 6. Generate report

FCM2000W Configuration Diagram


FCM2000W Size


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