JBW-300B/JBW-500B Microcomputer Controlled Metal Pendulum Impact Testing Machine

  • Impact speed: 5.2m/s
  • Pre-rising angle of the pendulum: 150°
  • Specimen bearer span: 40mm±1mm
  • Thickness of impact blade: 16mm
  • Power: 380V, 50Hz , 3 wire and 4phrases
  • Weight: 450KG
  • Specification



    JBW-B Computer Control Semi-automatic Charpy Impact Testing Machine are mainly used to determine the anti-impact capability of metal materials under dynamic load.

    Carry out the functions of zero clearing and automatic return, capturing the value of lost impact energy and pendulum cycle by means of setting up with computer program,and the results can be monitored, stored and printed out. Control box or computer program control is alternative operating method. JBW-B Computer Control Semi-automatic Charpy Impact Testing Machine are adopted by many institutes and high-tech enterprises.

    Key Features

    1. Can realize pendulum rising→impact→measurement→calculating→screen digital display→print

    2. Safety pin guaranties the impact action, standard protection shell to avoid any accident.

    3. Pendulum will automatically rising and ready for next impact action after specimen breakout.

    4. With two pendulums (big and small), PC software to display the energy loss, impact tenacity, rising angle, test average value etc. test data and result, also the curve display available; 

    5. Single supporting column structure, Cantilever hanging pendulum way, U-shaped pendulum hammer.


    Model JBW-300 JBW-500
    Impact energy 150J/300J 250J/500J
    The distance between the

    pendulum shaft and impact point

    750mm 800mm
    Impact speed 5.2m/s 5.24 m/s
    Pre-rising angle of the pendulum 150°
    Specimen bearer span 40mm±1mm
    Round angle of bearing jaw R1.0-1.5mm
    Round angle of impact blade R2.0-2.5mm
    Thickness of impact blade 16mm
    Power supply 380V, 50Hz , 3 wire and 4phrases
    Dimensions (mm) 2124x600x1340mm 2300×600×1400mm
    Net Weight (kg) 450kg 550kg


    ASTM E23, ISO148-2006 and GB/T3038-2002, GB/229-2007.

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