GDW-200F/300F High and Low temperature Electronic Universal Testing Machine

  • Capacity: 200kN/300kN
  • Crosshead Speed: 0.05-500 mm/min
  • Accuracy: 0.5
  • Power: 220V±10%
  • Tensile Space: 900mm
  • Weight: 1500KG
  • Specification


    Application Field

    This machine combines high-low temperature tester with universal testing machine wonderfully. It can restrain the error brought by changing environment during test process.  Setting up different fixtures can test -70℃~350℃ (customizable) tensile, peeling strength, separating force,ect. for the adhesive material in the high-low temperature environment. This machine can be changed into programmable temperature&humidity tester according to your needs. It is the ideal high performance material testing machine for colleges and universities, research institutions, factories and mine material research institutions.

    Specification of UTM




    Maximum test force

    200KN/ 20 tons

    300KN 30 tons

    Test machine level

    0.5 level

    0.5 level

    Test force measurement range



    Relative error of test force indication

    Within ±1%

    Within ±1%

    Relative error of beam displacement indication

    Within ±1

    Within ±1

    Displacement resolution



    Beam speed adjustment range

    0.05~500 mm/min (arbitrarily adjusted)

    0.05~500 mm/min (arbitrarily adjusted)

    Relative error of beam speed

    Within ±1% of the set value

    Within ±1% of the set value

    Effective stretching space

    600mm standard model (can be customized as required)

    600mm standard model (can be customized as required)

    Effective test width

    600mm standard model (can be customized according to requirements)

    600mm standard model (can be customized according to requirements)




    Servo motor control



    power supply

    220V±10%; 50HZ; 4KW

    220V±10%; 50HZ; 4KW

    Machine weight



    Main configuration: 1. Industrial computer 2. A4 printer 3. A set of high and low temperature box 4. A set of tensile fixture 5. A set of compression fixture

    Non-standard boxes can be customized according to customer sample requirements

    Specification of High and low temperature tank



    Bore size

    Inner chamber size: (D×W×H mm): about 240×400×580 55L (customizable)

    Temperature range

    Dimensions: (D×W×H mm) about 1500×380×1100 (customizable)

    Temperature control accuracy

    Low temperature -70℃high temperature 350℃ (customizable)

    Temperature uniformity


    Heating rate


    Observation hole


    Temperature control

    Hollow electric heating glass observation window (when the temperature is 350 degrees, the observation window is surrounded by stainless steel)

    Outer wall material

    PID automatic temperature control;

    Inner wall material

    Spraying with cold rolled iron plate;

    Insulation material

    Use stainless steel plate material;






    Air conditioning system

    a Temperature control: PID control;

    b Air circulation device: centrifugal fan;

    c Heating method: nickel-chromium electric heater, forced ventilation and internal circulation temperature adjustment;

    d Air cooling method: mechanical compression refrigeration;

    e Temperature measurement sensor: platinum resistance;

    f Refrigeration compressor: dual compressor refrigeration;






    Safety protection device

    Power overload and short circuit protection;

    a The refrigeration compressor lacks phase protection;

    b Grounding protection;

    c Over-temperature protection;

    d Refrigerator high and low pressure protection.

    Tightness and reliability

    The cooling system pipeline should be welded and sealed reliably;


    1 (moisture-proof, explosion-proof, placed in appropriate position, external control switch);

    Both the door frame and the edge of the door panel are equipped with electric heating devices to prevent condensation or frost during the low temperature test;

    Power supply

    AC 220V50Hz     5.2KW

    Key Features

    1. The high temperature furnace adopts drum-type, split structure, electrical resistance wire heating, it can realize the precision of temperature control through control heating time percentage.

    2. Temperature controller with PID Mode, digital display the setting temperature and measuring temperature. Test temperature overshoot small and Volatility small.

    3. This high temperature Furnace is equipped with one crank arm bracket, which is connivent to move the furnace into the testing space and move out after finished.

    4. Over-temperature alarm device is also equipped, it can be used for promote action.


    ASTM, ISO, DIN, GB and other international standards.

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