WDS-S5000 Digital Display Spring Testing Machine


Product features

WDS-S5000 Digital Display Spring Testing Machine is a new generation of spring testing machine. It is divided into three gears for measurement, which expands the precise test range; the machine can automatically detect 9 test points with variable speed and automatically return to the initial position; it can store 6 different types of files for recall at any time; it can measure the displacement of the load cell make automatic corrections;

The machine also has functions such as peak hold, overload protection, automatic reset of displacement and test force, stiffness calculation, initial tension calculation, data query, and data printing. Therefore, it is suitable for the test of various precision tension and compression coil springs and the test of brittle materials. It can replace imported products of the same type.

Technical indicators

1. Maximum test force: 5000N

2. Minimum reading value of test force: 0.1N

3. Displacement minimum reading value: 0.01mm

4. Effective measurement range of test force: 4%-100% of the maximum test force

5. Testing machine level: level 1

6. Maximum distance between two hooks in tensile test: 500mm

7. The maximum stroke between the two pressure plates in the compression test: 500mm

8. Tension, compression and test maximum stroke: 500mm

9. Upper and lower platen diameter: Ф130mm

10. Lowering and rising speed of the upper platen: 30-300 mm/min

11. Net weight: 160kg

12. Power supply: (reliable grounding is required) 220V±10% 50Hz

13. Working environment: room temperature 10~35℃, humidity 20%~80%

System Configuration

1. Test machine host

2. Host: 1

3. Technical data: Instruction manual and maintenance manual, certificate of conformity, packing list.

Quality Assurance

The three-guarantee period of equipment is one year from the date of official delivery. During the three-guarantee period, the supplier will provide free maintenance services for all kinds of equipment failures in a timely manner. All kinds of parts that are not caused by man-made damage will be replaced free of charge in time. If the equipment fails during use outside the warranty period, the supplier will provide services to the orderer in time, actively assist the orderer to complete the maintenance task, and maintain it for life.

Confidentiality of technical information and materials

1. This technical solution belongs to our company's technical data, and the user shall be obliged to keep the technical information and data provided by us confidential. Regardless of whether this solution is adopted or not, this clause is valid for a long time;

2. We are also obliged to keep the technical information and materials provided by users confidential.

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