Multiaxial Hard Rock Compression Testing System


Host layout:

loading force


can be used for


loading forcan be used for


1. Loading host:

1.1 The loading host can provide 2000kN normal loading force, can be used for uniaxial loading, and can also provide normal force for confining pressure loading

1.2 The control methods of the loading host include: servo force control, servo displacement control, which can realize real-time data storage and generate corresponding curves

2. Confining pressure chamber: The loaded sample is installed in the confining pressure chamber:

2.1 The maximum bearing capacity of the confining chamber is 30MPa,

2.2 Usable sample size: diameter 50-75mm, height 50-100mm (sample size can be customized)

3. Manual loading pump: Provide 30MPa confining pressure loading force for the confining pressure chamber, the size of the force is adjusted manually,

4. Hydraulic station system: provide 20MPa system pressure for the loading host

5. Control system: Through the control interface of the computer, write the test program steps, and at the beginning, display the test curve in real time

6. Electrical cabinet: provide power for equipment

power for equipment

Loading host


Loading confining chamber

30MPa Manual loading pump:

Loading host

30MPa Manual loading pump:

Loing host

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