Teaching Atomic Force Microscope

  • Operating mode: touch mode, tap mode
  • XY scan range: 20*20um, optional 50*50um, 100*100um
  • Z scan range: 2.5um, optional 5um, 10um
  • Scan resolution: Horizontal 0.2nm, Vertical 0.05nm
  • Sample size: Φ≤90mm, H≤20mm
  • Specification

    1. Miniaturized and detachable design, very easy to carry and teach

    2. The laser detection head and the sample scanning stage are integrated, the structure is very stable, and the anti-interference is strong

    3. Precision probe positioning device, laser spot alignment adjustment is very easy

    4. The single axis drives the sample to automatically approach the probe vertically, so that the tip of the needle is scanned perpendicular to the sample

    5. The intelligent needle feeding method of the motor-controlled pressurized piezoelectric ceramic automatic detection protects the probe and the sample

    6. Automatic optical positioning, no need to focus, real-time observation and positioning of the probe sample scanning area

    7. Spring suspension shockproof method, simple and practical, good shockproof effect

    8. Integrated scanner nonlinear correction user editor, nanometer characterization and measurement accuracy better than 98%


    Operating mode touch mode, tap mode
    Optional mode Friction/Lateral Force, Amplitude/Phase, Magnetic/Electrostatic Force
    force spectrum curve F-Z force curve, RMS-Z curve
    XY scan range 20*20um, optional 50*50um, 100*100um
    Z scan range 2.5um, optional 5um, 10um
    Scan resolution Horizontal 0.2nm, Vertical 0.05nm
    Sample size Φ≤90mm, H≤20mm
    Sample stage travel 15*15mm
    Optical observation 4X optical objective lens/2.5um resolution
    Scan speed 0.6Hz-30Hz
    Scan angle 0-360°
    Operating environment Windows XP/7/8/10 operating system
    Communication Interface USB2.0/3.0
    Shock-absorbing design Spring Suspended


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