NDW-500Nm Computer control Torsion Testing Machine



Application Field

NDW-500Nm Computer control

TorsionTesting Machine is designed for conducting torsion and twist tests on various metal wires, tubes and steel materials. Torque measurement is by torque transducer while angle of twist is measured by photoelectrical coder.Torque range can be adjusted and torque is applied to specimen by servo motor and cycloid speed reducer.

This tester is mainly applied in the research department, all kinds of institutions and industrial and mining enterprises material experiment of various materials used for measuring the mechanical properties by torsion.

Product Structure

1. Main machine: horizontal structure, the main structure adopts the overall thickened steel plate structure to ensure the rigidity of the whole machine; the clamp adopts high-quality carbon Steel 45 is quenched (HR50-60) and has a long service life; the installation and disassembly of the sample is convenient and fast.

2. Drive system: full digital control system drive; adjustable speed adjustment, even and stable loading.

3. Transmission system: It adopts precision reducer to ensure the uniformity, stability and precision of transmission. Horizontal space 0~500mm Adjust freely within the enclosure.

4. Measurement and display system: the machine uses a large-screen liquid crystal display system to simultaneously display the torque T, torsion angle θ, and test speed of the sample.

According to the Standard

It conforms to standards of ASTM A938, ISO 7800: 2003, GB/T 239-1998, GB 10128 and others equivalent.

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Max Dynamic Test Torque 

500 N/M

Test Level

1 Class

Test Range


Torque Force Value Relative Error


Torque Speed Relative Error


Force Resolution


Torque Angle Measuring Relative Errors


Torque Angle Resolution(°)


Two Chuck Maximum Distance


Dimension (mm)


Weight (KG)


Power Supply


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