The delivery of 300kN 8m Electronic Horizontal Tensile Testing Machine

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Item: Indonesia customer

Application: Cable, Wire

The main structure of the testing machine is a horizontal double-screw structure with double test spaces. The rear space is a tensile space and the front space is a compressed space. The standard dynamometer should be placed on the workbench when the test force is calibrated. The right side of the host is the computer control display part. The structure of the whole machine is generous and the operation is convenient.

This testing machine adopts the integrated structure of AC servo motor and speed control system to drive the pulley reduction system, after deceleration, it drives the precision ball screw pair to load. The electrical part consists of a load measuring system and a displacement measuring system. All control parameters and measurement results can be displayed in real time, and have functions such as overload protection.

This product complies with GB/T16491-2008 "Electronic Universal Testing Machine" and JJG475-2008 "Electronic Universal Testing Machine" metrological verification regulations.

Main Specifications

1.Maximum test force: 300 kN

2.Test force accuracy: ±1%

3.Force measuring range: 0.4%-100%

4.Moving speed of beam: 0.05~~300mm/min

5.Beam displacement: 1000mm

6.Test space: 7500mm,adjust in 500mm steps

7.Effective test width: 600mm

8.Computer display content: test force, displacement, peak value, running state, running speed, test force gear, tensile force-displacement curve and other parameters

9.Host weight: about 3850kg

10.Test machine size: 10030×1200×1000mm

11.Power supply: 3.0kW  220V

Working conditions of the testing machine

1. In the room temperature range of 10℃-35℃, the relative humidity is not more than 80%;

2. Install correctly on a stable foundation or workbench;

3. In a vibration-free environment;

4. No corrosive medium around;

5. The fluctuation range of the power supply voltage should not exceed ±10% of the rated voltage;

6. The power supply of the testing machine should be reliably grounded; the frequency fluctuation should not exceed 2% of the rated frequency;

Post time: Dec-22-2021