The debugging of 200kN Electronic Universal testing machine

Customer: Malaysia Customer

Application: Steel Wire

This product is widely used in tensile, compressive, bending and shearing mechanical performance tests of metal and non-metal materials. With a wide range of accessories, it can also be used for the mechanical performance test of profiles and components. It also has a very wide range of application prospects in the field of material testing such as rope, belt, wire, rubber, and plastic with large sample deformation and fast testing speed. It is suitable for testing fields such as quality supervision, teaching and research, aerospace, steel metallurgy, automobiles, construction and building materials.

It meets the requirements of the national standard GB/T228.1-2010 "Metal Material Tensile Test Method at Room Temperature", GB/T7314-2005 "Metal Compression Test Method", and complies with the data processing of GB, ISO, ASTM, DIN and other standards. It can meet the requirements of users and the standards provided.

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1. Host:

The machine adopts a double-space door structure, the upper space is stretched, and the lower space is compressed and bent. The beam is steplessly raised and lowered. The transmission part adopts circular arc synchronous toothed belt, screw pair transmission, stable transmission and low noise. The specially designed synchronous toothed belt deceleration system and precision ball screw pair drive the moving beam of the testing machine to realize a backlash-free transmission.

2. Accessories:

Standard configuration: one set of wedge-shaped tension attachment and compression attachment.

3. Electrical measurement and control system:

(1) Adopt TECO AC servo system and servo motor, with stable and reliable performance, with over-current, over-voltage, over-speed, overload and other protection devices.

(2) It has protection functions such as overload, over current, over voltage, upper and lower displacement limits and emergency stop.

(3) The built-in controller ensures that the testing machine can achieve closed-loop control of parameters such as test force, sample deformation and beam displacement, and can achieve constant velocity test force, constant velocity displacement, constant velocity strain, constant velocity load cycle, Tests such as constant velocity deformation cycles. Smooth switching between various control modes.

(4) At the end of the test, you can manually or automatically return to the initial position of the test at high speed.

(5) Realize the real physical zero adjustment, gain adjustment, and automatic shift, zero adjustment, calibration and storage of test force measurement without any analog adjustment links, and the control circuit is highly integrated.

(6) The electrical control circuit refers to the international standard, conforms to the electrical standard of the national testing machine, and has strong anti-interference ability, which ensures the stability of the controller and the accuracy of the experimental data.

(7) It has a network interface, which can carry out data transmission, storage, printing records and network transmission and printing, and can be connected to the internal LAN or Internet network of the enterprise.

4. Description of the main functions of the software

The measurement and control software is used for microcomputer-controlled electronic universal testing machines to conduct various metal and non-metal (such as wood-based panels, etc.) tests, and complete various functions such as real-time measurement and display, real-time control and data processing, and result output in accordance with corresponding standards.

Post time: Dec-22-2021